For you, who are just curious or still hesitate to join MACEL, and for every lovers and experts of Macel’s saddles, this post is made for you !

Jean Luc Cornille, Maitre (Master) from the Cadre Noir de Saumur and the founder of Science of Motion, made an article that talks about our SAMBA saddle. He gives his opinion about it and explains why this saddle is the most suitable for a sound equitation, based on a good relation between rider and horse.


« The last saddle you will ever need »

In 1968, Philippe Guillot de Suduiraut (creator of the brand « MACEL »), former écuyer of the Cadre Noir de Saumur, intuitively felt that shifting the rider’s weight, as was taught at the school, was not in line with actual functioning of the equine back. It seemed to be necessary for him to update the design of the saddle to actuel knowledge of the dynamics relation between the horse and the rider, in order to prevent thoracolumbar column’s injuries (impact on locomotion and sport performances). This is how the MACEL dressage SAMBA was created.

Later, the model was updated to advanced understanding of equine biomechanics by Macel’s master maker and manager Patrick Fesquet. Patrick, thanks to a touch of genius and a superb expertise and craftsmanship, upgraded a dynamic wonder into a piece of art.

The MACEL SAMBA is a a saddle who prevents the deformations of back horse’s mouvements. Its advantage is also felt with the close contact between rider and horse. The most up to date definition of the rider’ seat is, harmonized tensegrity. « We have found that the Macel Samba, both dressage version and upcoming jumping version, is by far, the best saddle for sound equitation. Experience and science created the Samba and the Samba is the best tool for an equitation upgrading experience with moderne science. » (Jean-Luc Cornille). With the Samba saddle, tensegrities between rider and horse are harmonized.

« A sound and classical equitation is also sober and elegant, as is the Macel SAMBA ».

The Macel Samba saddle is recommended by Jean Luc Cornille, Maitre (Master) from the Cadre Noir de Saumur and the founder of Science of Motion.

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