MACEL saddlery was founded in 1968 in Deauville (Calvados, France) by Philippe Guillot de Suduiraut.
 In 2008, the company was taken over by former employee Patrick Fesquet, who relocated the business to Plaine du Forez, 20 minutes outside Saint-Etienne.
 This internationally renowned brand contributes to the success of equestrian athletes worldwide.


Holder of a CAP (vocational training certificate) in carpentry, Patrick discovered Macel’s workshop in 1987.
 Initially hired to build an exhibition stand, he quickly showed great interest about the activity of the saddlery and leather work. Macel founder Philippe Guillot de Suduiraut then proposed to train Patrick in his factory, and personally taught him every stage of saddle production.
In 1994, Patrick left Normandy for the Loire region in order to gain new experience with a nascent saddle brand: Childéric. He stayed with Childéric until 2008, by which time he held the position of workshop manager. By now 83 years old, Philippe Guillot de Suduiraut was ready to retire, and handed over the reins to his former student. Thus Patrick took over Macel, its customers and its concept, with the aim of renewing the brand and continuing to build its reputation around the world. The Macel name is hot stamped on the sweat flap of every one of his creations, accompanied by the phrase “Made in France“, a commitment the saddlery has always respected. 
 From 2008 to the present day, the company has continued to evolve. From the employment of highly qualified craftspeople for saddle and accessory manufacture, to the opening of new outlets and the “S” innovation, Patrick was able to revive the brand while maintaining its prestige and unique finish.
 Joined now by his son Benjamin, who presently co-manages the company, he has been passionate about his profession as a master saddler for more than 30 years.


Macel has stood out by revolutionizing horse riding with its new sports saddle design: finely crafted, light and with a flexible tree to allow close contact with the horse. Every Macel saddle is manufactured in full-grain leather chosen by the expert hands of Patrick Fesquet, and with proper maintenance they can last a lifetime.
 Appreciated for their lightness, Macel’s creations take more than 20 hours of work per saddle to complete, along with strength, finesse and prestigious know-how.
100% handmade in our workshop in France, MACEL saddles are exceptional technical instruments that allow equestrians to ride accurately, in a healthy and respectful way.
They are made with high-quality materials, that resist perspiration, friction, traction, shear, etc.
They demonstrate a high degree of mastery that evolves over time, building on design and materials selection.
The completely French and completely handmade production process allows full quality control and a perfect knowledge of the final product.
The company continues to be popular worldwide by collaborating with internationally renowned riders, such as the Swedish leader Niklas Lindbäck (who rides with the Gala, the Corsaire S and the Derby), and Jean-Luc Cornille, Master of the Cadre Noir de Saumur, medallist several times in competition, and founder of “Science of Motion”. The latter particularly appreciates the Samba, which he describes, among all the other brands of dressage saddles, as being “the most suitable for sound equitation, based on a good relationship between rider and horse”.
Much appreciated by all riders who have tried the brand, Macel Sellier has built an excellent international reputation.
You can find different dealers all around the world. 


This year (2018), the saddlery will celebrate its 50th birthday. 50 years of service in the development and improvement of your sport, 50 years of innovative expertise, excellence and prestige!
Through daily apprentice training, Patrick Fesquet remains committed to sharing his experience and maintaining his knowledge and values. At the same time, he participates in the workforce’s renewal of his craft.
Ever more closer to you, MACEL continues to improve its saddles and create new and innovative models in order to provide the best option for riders as well as their horses.
 Patrick’s commitment to continue the Macel manufacturing process, each and every piece 100% handmade in France by highly qualified master saddlers, proves that the brand wishes to maintain and protect its technology without succumbing to foreign cost reduction.
The Macel company, which is now a safe bet in the world of horse riding, continues to spread the word of its name and the quality of its products worldwide, as shown in the American blog followed by over 200,000 people: « Science of Motion ». 

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