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It was in  1968 that the MACEL company was created by Philippe Guillot de Suduiraut, in the heart of Normandy, in Deauville. Its creator then enabled the brand to revolutionise the world of horse riding with a concept of thin and light sports saddles with a flexible tree, which favours a close contact with the horse.

In 2008, the brand and the concept were logically taken over by Mr Guillot de Suduiraut’s pupil, Patrick Fesquet (current manager), who was himself a worker in the MACEL workshop from 1987. Since then, the company has continued to develop and improve its products, both from a design and technical point of view.

Today Patrick Fesquet puts all his know-how and experience at the service of riders and their horses, to bring the couple to performance, while orienting them towards a healthy way of riding, taking into account the well-being of both of them.


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Reveal your art with our new Macel RS approved by veterinary doctor Jean Servantie.

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