The Rumba Sport Elite saddle is designed for the more advanced dressage rider who requires precise contact while maintaining freedom of movement of the pelvis with correct placement.
The seat is deeper than the classic Rumba and provides more support at the back of the saddle, allowing for more strength in the back without adopting an awkward or arched position.

Just like the Rumba Sport, it gives the horse additional freedom: thanks to its anatomical shape, a real work on the tree and the panels, this saddle frees the horse’s shoulders. The horse has one less constraint, which is felt in its functioning and locomotion. With a rapid rise of the panels on the back, this saddle can be made for different morphologies of horses, including the most difficult to saddle with conventional dressage saddles.

Macel special tree
Seat from 16.5″ to 19″
Single flap and calfskin leather lined
Low straps
4 leather colours available.


S Option

The S innovation, with its one-block structure and no extra thickness in the small quarter, promotes high-precision contact with your horse. Adaptable to all our saddle types, whatever your discipline, the S models will add comfort and precision to your riding.