The Samba saddle is designed for riders who want a dressage saddle with no cleats and a semi-flat design: it provides a pure dressage riding experience, with no strain on the pelvis or legs.

It allows the rider to have a nice leg drop by totally freeing the aids and to sit closer to the horse. All of this for a highly technical, accurate and precise ride, all in the most total freedom for a dressage saddle.

Macel special tree
Seat from 16.5″ to 19″
Single flap and calfskin leather lined
Low straps
4 leather colours available.


S Option

The S innovation, with its one-block structure and no extra thickness in the small quarter, promotes high-precision contact with your horse. Adaptable to all our saddle types, whatever your discipline, the S models will add comfort and precision to your riding.